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The Executive Board

Pomme d’Api is governed by the constitution of the Pomme d’Api Society which is presided over by the Executive Board. Board positions are filled by election, and are held by parent volunteers whose children are enrolled at Pomme d’Api.


The Executive Board consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and several Directors as determined by the Society’s members at the start of each year.

Board members are voted in at the AGM in September. If two people vie for one position, one may be elected at the AGM, or a compromise may be reached in which two people share a single Board position.

The Board should ideally include both new and returning parents, to help with continuity and the transfer of past experience.


The Board has the following responsibilities:

  • the administration of the preschool
  • the policies of the preschool
  • the finances of the preschool (with the help of a hired accountant)
  • the staffing of the preschool
  • organization of the AGM and spring parent meeting

The teachers report to the Board. However, any concerns regarding teachers must be raised with the President or Vice President in a confidential meeting, not a Board meeting.

The Board is legally responsible for the preschool, and must file all legal and related documents.


The Board generally meets the second Thursday of the month to discuss all issues that concern the preschool. Parents who would like to address the Board can do so by advising the Secretary that they would like an item to be added to the agenda, and stating the nature of their concern.

Non-Board members who address the Board may be asked to leave the meeting after their address is finished if the Board has sensitive issues to discuss.