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Parent Participation

Pomme d’Api is a parent-run preschool. As such, families are required to participate in three ways:

  1. At least one parent from each family must attend general parent meetings.

  2. All families must participate in fundraising activities.

  3. At least one parent from each family must volunteer their time for the operation and administration of the preschool.

The school was set up this way to ensure the best experience for our children; to facilitate communication between parents, teachers, and the executive Board; and to maintain a low fee structure.

Fundraising activities

Although there is a volunteer committee in charge of fundraising, all families are also expected to participate during our annual fundraisers. Our major fundraiser usually happens at the Christmas concert, with a gift basket draw.

Volunteer hours

Every family must contribute 4 volunteer hours per month, or 40 hours over the course of the school year.

Non-Participation policy

When you register your child at Pomme d’Api, you must include a deposit cheque of $300, dated for June 1 of the following year. This cheque will be destroyed if your family contributes to volunteer hours by June 30. If you do not contribute then the cheque will be cashed.

Pomme d'Api is governed by the consitution of the Pomme D'Api Society which is presided over by the Executive Board. Board positions are filled by election and are held by parent volunteers whose children are enrolled at Pomme D'Api.