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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does parent-run mean?

A. Pomme d'Api is a non-profit, parent-run preschool. Each family is required to contribute an average of four volunteer hours per month. Volunteer roles are assigned prior to school start each year and span across practical, administrative and liaison duties. Parents’ volunteer efforts enable the school to operate on a daily basis and to keep our tuition fees as low as possible, while fostering a sense of community within the school. We entrust our teachers to teach our children and let them use their expertise to do so, while the parent community run the rest of the school. This way the teachers' main focus is always on our children.

Q. What qualifications do the teachers have?

A. Both our teachers have completed their Early Childhood Education diploma (ECE Registry) and both hold current First Aid and CPR certificates. The teacher’s continually engage in professional development and receive specific training on dealing with any health issues such as allergies that may be present in our student group. They have worked professionally with children in a number of settings and have a combined 10+ years’ experience at Pomme d'Api.

Q. How long is the wait list?

A. Our wait list varies from year to year. There are generally students on the wait list, but spaces do become available throughout the year, so we encourage all interested families to contact us at any time for information about the registration process and the waitlist. You can contact the Registrar at: registrar.pommedapi@.gmail.com

Q. I want to observe the classroom, how do I do that?

If you would like to get a first-hand impression of what happens at our school we welcome you to arrange to sit in on a class. Please feel free to email us at registrar.pommedapi@gmail.com or by call the school at (604) 800-1197. The teachers will help find a time that is mutually agreeable.

Q. Does the school serve snacks?

A. No, the school does not provide the children with snacks. There is a snack time each day, but each family is responsible for packing a healthy snack for their child. On special occasions the class will have pot-lucks where each child is encouraged to contribute to a shared snack. Pomme d'Api is a nut aware school. We are considerate of those who have allergies and ask that no nuts be brought for snacks.

Q. Is there anything other than a snack that I should send with my child?

A. Every child needs a pair of indoor shoes as well as a spare set of clothing. Even though children are toilet trained, they are asked to have a spare set of underwear as accidents are not uncommon, especially in the first couple of months with the excitement of a new school and routine.

Q. Is there playground/outdoor time?

A. Yes. Pomme d'Api has a wonderful fully-fenced green space outside of the classroom. Children are asked to be prepared to go outside each day. You will often see the children, running and having fun, on any non-rainy day. There are many toys and activities for all the children to partake in while on our playground.

Q. Are there field trips?

A. Yes, there are field-trips and in-school events that are spearheaded by the teachers and organized by the parents. Field trips change from year to year, but in the past few years the field trips / in school events have included: the recycling depot, the Pumpkin Patch, the Maritime Museum, a scavenger hunt and picnic at Trout Lake, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the local fire station, Anne Hebert, capoeira dance lesson, visit by a police dog, Mike's Critters, an African drum ensemble and others.

Q. Are there professional development days?

A. The school generally does not close for Professional Days like elementary schools do. Our teachers are encouraged to participate in many professional development activities, as we believe it is important for them to stay as current as possible on the latest early childhood research and activities. Often this is done one at a time, so a substitute teacher will be with the remaining teacher for the day. Other times the professional development activities/ conferences are after school hours, and our teachers attend on their own time.

Q. How long and when are the Christmas breaks and Spring breaks?

A. Pomme d'Api follows the Vancouver School Board's holiday schedule.

Q. How are statutory holidays handled?

A. The school is closed on all statutory holidays.

Q. How do parents communicate questions and concerns?

A. Parents are encouraged to discuss issues with the teachers or any of the board members. The teachers have office hours every week where parents can arrange to meet for a consultation. Parents may present issues in writing or as quest speakers at monthly board meetings.

Q. How does the school communicate with the parents?

A. The teachers send out a monthly calendar/newsletter to keep the parents appraised of the happenings within the school. The Board meeting minutes are emailed out to every family, as well as any other communication from the Board.

Q. Is there gradual entry for new students?

A. There is a gradual entry, which varies from class to class. This transition helps the children immensely in getting used to their new school (or getting back into the school routine) as well as adjusting to their peers. The full schedule will be sent to each family with the times/dates that are specific to your child in a summer mail-out.

Q. Are there books or CDs I can buy to introduce French at home?

A. Yes, we have a song book and CD created by a former Pomme d'Api teacher. This book includes many of the songs and vocabulary used each season within the school. We also have an excellent bi-lingual game that reinforces French vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. Please contact the teachers to purchase.

Q. What if my child is not fully potty-trained before starting school in September?

A. Your child needs to be potty-trained - the teachers do not change diapers; however, as mentioned above, accidents happen, and the teachers will help a child change if necessary. Some children wear "pull-ups" as backup protection for those first few weeks of school.