We accept new students throughout the year and still have spots available!

Please contact the registrar at

How do I register? 

  1. In Person: Our next Open House will be April 7th 10am-12pm where the Registrar will be present at the school and you can register by submitting the Registration Form, including all cheques and pay the registration fee of $75

  2. Contact the registrar at and provide the Registration Form, including all cheques, and pay the registration fee of $75

When you have registered your child you will need to submit the Registration Package before June 1st.

Pomme d’Api cannot receive online payments or payments via debit or credit cards. When you register your child you must provide cheques for all fees. You can see an overview of the fees on the Registration Form.

Priority Registration 

Priority is given in the following order:

  1. Returning students*

  2. Siblings of current students and siblings of previous students*

  3. General registration

*Returning students and siblings will have the opportunity to register for the coming school year before general registration opens. Returning students and siblings who do not register before general registration opens will no longer have priority registration.

If there are no spaces available when you register, you have the option to put your child’s name on the wait list. Those on the waiting list are not required to submit any fees until a space has become available and will be contacted if and when this happens.

Most students start at the preschool at the beginning of the school year in September, but students may register for the current school year up until April 1, if space is available. The Board may occasionally approve a registration beyond the deadline, determined on a case-by-case basis with the approval of the teachers.


There is a six-week probationary period for new students at Pomme d’Api. If you withdraw your child from Pomme d’Api during this period, your tuition deposit for the month of June will be refunded.

If you choose to withdraw your child after the probationary period is over, you must notify the Registrar in writing one month prior to withdrawal. If you give written notice at least one month in advance, your tuition deposit for the month of June will be applied to your final month. Otherwise, it will be forfeited.

The six-week probationary period only applies to new students, not to returning students. This means that returning students must follow the regular withdrawal procedure (give one month’s written notice in order to receive a refund of the tuition deposit), even if they wish to withdraw during the first six weeks of the school year.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please feel free to email us at or by calling the school at (604) 800-1197.